Aao Deep Jalayein

Have we ever thought that despite diversity of Religion, Caste, Language, Geographical conditions etc. what is the common link that holds all of us as Indians together ? Yes, this strong common link is of Nationalism and the best occasions to demonstrate this most important feeling is to celebrate our National Festivals with great enthusiasm and spirit.

Dont we think that the National Festivals should be observed with the same enthusiasm and zeal that we display while celebrating our other festivals like Deepawali, Id, Christmas, Lohri, Pongal, Onam.

Perhaps most of us think that the responsibility of celebration of the National festival rests on the Government only. The common perception is that these are simply holidays.

Whereas our other festivals are confined to certain section of a society belonging to different Religions, Castes, Languages, Regions etc., our National Festivals embrace all of us – as Indians.

We celebrate on many occasions throughout the year in our personal and social life like Birthdays, Marriage anniversaries, New Year day, Valentine day, Friends day, etc. Do we display the same commitment towards celebration of Independence day and Republic day.

On the occasion of the coming Republic day let’s not restrict National Festivals to the Government organized programmes only and make a resolution to bring these festivals in our homes and hearts and celebrate them as our own festivals.

On this day let’s decorate our homes with lamps, Flags, distribute sweets, organize cultural programmes at our work places and localities. Let us pray for unity, prosperity & security of the Nation in Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras, of our brave martyrs and congratulate each other for being citizens of the largest Republic of the world.

Let’s take the pledge that on the 26th January each house and religious place of the country will be decorated with lights like other festivals e.g. Deepawali, Id, Christmas, Guru purab etc. and demonstrate our unity in diversity.

This will be a true tribute to our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the motherland keeping the Country First above everything else -Religion, Caste, Language & Regions etc.

Let us participate in this National celebrations to rekindle the fire of Nationalism. Hearty congratulations on Republic day.


Note : Please circulate this message to your friends and relatives. For wider circulation, you may reprint and release copies in your name also.

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